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High-voltage inverter selection method
Is a commonly used high-voltage inverter drive products, is the use of power semiconductor devices will be the role of the on-off frequency power conversion power another frequency control device, has been widely used in many fields. Users to choose high-voltage inverter process to consider what areas? Following Xiaobian to introduce some specific high-voltage inverter selection, and I hope you can help to you.
1. Select the drawbacks of high voltage level
Choose the high voltage level causes excessive investment and long payback period. The voltage level of increase, the need to improve the insulation of the motor, the motor price increases. The voltage level of increase, the number of series inverter power semiconductor devices increase, rising costs.
See, for 200 ~ 2000kW motor system uses 6kV, 10kV voltage level is very uneconomical, very unreasonable.
2, the drive capacity and the number of phases fairing relationship
6kV grid inverter device inputs must comply with the provisions of the relevant national harmonic suppression. This grid capacity and installations related to the rated power.
Short-circuit capacity within 1000MVA, 1000kW unit 12 phase (double transformer secondary winding) can, if the 24-phase power to up to 2000kW, 12 with substantially eliminate larger magnitude 5th and 7th harmonics. Phase Rectifier phase after more than 36, reduce the harmonic current amplitude is not significant, while manufacturing costs are too high. If the grid short-circuit capacity 2000MVA, the devices allow greater capacity.
3, the maximum voltage drops can save a lot of investment in the following 3kV Consider the need for voltage level from the power electronic device characteristics and the safety factor by power electronic devices and motor voltage allowed dv / dt limitation, 6kV drive must be multi-level or devices in series, resulting in line complex, expensive, and reliable poor. If the drive for 6kV with 1700VIGBT, US Robicon of PERFECTHARMONY series 6kV high-voltage converter, for example, each phase consists of five rated voltage of 690V power units in series, a total of 60 three-phase devices. If using 3300V devices also need to train a total of 30 devices 3, the number is huge. On the other hand means current, the current capability of the device can not be fully utilized to 560kW as an example, 6kV motor current is 60A, while the 1700V the IGBT current reached 2400A, 3300V device current up to 1600A, a large device can not be used, chosen to use a large number of small devices in series, it is extremely unreasonable. Even if the motor power up to 2000kW, current is only about 140A, is still small.
Foreign medium voltage inverter has multiple voltage levels: 1.1kV, 2.3kV, 3kV, 4.2kV, 6kV, which are mainly determined by the voltage level of the power electronic devices.
The same power output of the inverter, the cost of using higher voltage or more units in series spent more than a lower voltage, and the current cost of a smaller number of larger units, which means that the device current permit conditions should be used as much as possible low voltage levels.
4, isolation transformer problem
To isolate, improve and reduce the input current harmonics, and now all the pressure "direct conversion" is not true direct conversion, the input side are equipped with an input transformer, this configuration does not change within a short time. Since the input side of the transformer, the inverter and the motor voltage and the grid is not necessary, as non-use of 10kV and 6kV unavailable, 2500kW power voltage can not exceed the following 3kV, so there was a reasonable drive and motor voltage rating problems.
Below 200kW ~ 800kW inverter should use 380V or 660V voltage levels. It is simple lines, mature technology, high reliability, dv / dt small, cheap. Still 560kW motor, for example, 630kW660V of low voltage inverter of about 350,000, while the same capacity 6000V medium voltage drives about 90 million. Methods to achieve low - low, low - high, high - low and high - low - Higher several forms. As the price of motors, transformers is much lower than the drive, even if the replacement motors, transformers also reasonable.
5, the original 6kV high-voltage motor drive voltage 3.5kV how and supporting
The main products since the founding of the traditional 6kV high-voltage motors are already in operation, in order to promote 3.5kV inverter can no longer spend money to replace the motor, the authors propose a simple solution for reference. Factory original 6kV motors in general are star connection, its actual phase winding withstand voltage of 3468V, so long as the change is delta windings other unchanged. Hotels 3.5kV voltage inverter drive put down from 6kV to 3.5kV, 4.5kV device seen from Table 3 series can not withstand 3kV pressure. If you can use 3 series 1.7kV devices. Manufacturing costs will drop by 30%. However, there are maximum motor 2500kW 30MW unit uses 3.5kV voltage is completely reasonable.

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